We have many courses available.  Below is our format for Theology.  Please call 800.997.4228 for more course information.

First Year Courses

MONTH                     COURSE                               NUMBER

September                   Bible Doctrines I                     BTH-106

October                       Bible Doctrines                       BTH-106

November                   Life Management I                 CED-111

December                    Life Management II                CED-122

January                        New Testament Survey           BNT-100

February                      Systematic Theology I            BTH-121

March                          Old Testament Survey I          BOT-111

April                            Old Testament Survey II        BOT-121

May                             Praise Life                               BPA-120

All Year                      Ministry Practicum                  MP-100


Second Year Courses

MONTH                     COURSE                               NUMBER

September                   Systematic Theology II         BTH-232

October                       General Epistles                    BNT-215

November                   Church Govt. I                       ADM-210

December                    Faith II                                   BPA-222

January                        The Gospels                         BNT-214

February                      Ministry Prep I                       BPA-240

March                          Believer’s Authority               BPA-232

April                            Holy Spirit                              BTH-270

May                             O T People of Faith               BOT-230

All Year                      Ministry Practicum                  MP-200


Third Year Courses

MONTH                     COURSE                               NUMBER

September                   Bible Prophecy I & II             BPR-333

October                       Spiritual Warfare I                  BTH-341

November                   Systematic Theology III         BTH-343

December                    Pauline Epistles                       BNT-311

January                        Ephesians I & II                      BNT-341

February                      Homiletics                               BPA-370

March                          Acts                                         BNT-300

April                            Romans I & II                         BNT-321

May                             Blood Covenant                      BTH-490

All Year                      Ministry Practicum                  MP-300


Fourth Year Courses

MONTH                     COURSE                               NUMBER

September                   Ethics & Morality                   BPA-460

October                       Pauline Epistles II                   BNT-422

November                   Major Prophets OT                 BOT-444

December                    Minor Prophets                       BOT-445

January                        Prayer II                                  BPA-342

February                      Spiritual Warfare II                 BTH-442

March                          Hebrews                                  BNT-430

April                            Blood Covenant                      BTH-440

May                             Comparative Religions            MIS-340

All Year                      Ministry Practicum                  MP-400